These 6 signals tell you you’re eating too much sugar

3. Digestive problems

Food that’s rich in sugars can make you end up with bad bacteria in your intestines as well as an excessive amount of yeast. Your digestion gets disrupted and this can cause constipation, gassiness, a bloated feeling and symptoms of IBS.

4. Mood swings

It’s not that strange to experience feelings of anxiety or depression if your blood sugar levels are constantly going up and down due to a high sugar intake. In between the peaks, you can feel terribly cranky.

5. Feeling sluggish

Your blood sugar levels are linked to your energy levels. A diet that’s rich in sugars and consists of empty calories will automatically lead to highs in your energy levels as well as lengthy lows. However, if your diet is rich in all kinds of nutrients, your energy levels will be much more stable.

6. Pimples

Too much sugar in your diet can cause your skin to break out with pimples or other skin ailments. Sugar can lead to an increase in sebum production which in turn can lead to acne.


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